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FunFair Family
Because living should be trouble-free.

If there’s a fatality, a company must show its most humane side to its people. GALCORR’s belief in this principle extends beyond the financial coverage its products offer to show concern for all the assistance a family may need in a difficult time. This philosophy guides our services for Personal Accident Insurance, Life Insurance (group and individual), Educational and Lender coverage.

If,from an employee's point of view, humanized service is the great differential, the hiring companyenjoys the advantages with the services of our Claim Management area for all analysis, regulating and acting as intermediary for compensation payments so that all rights of the parties involved are satisfactorily respected and preserved.


GALCORR’s team also conducts strategic management of this benefit globally for activities such as:

  • Monitoring negotiations;

  • Following new legislation;

  • Renovation;

  • Benchmarking;

  • Changing insurers.

On a day-to-day basis, our team checks invoicing and journal entries in our monitoring system, while also dealing with any technical and operational issues involving insurers. In short: less work for your HR, who will gain in terms of agility and a less complicated business life.

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