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Claims Advisory Services

The smartest way to your compensation.


GALCORR offers the market a consultancy service to companies whose claim for compensation was denied by the insurance company. Our team has been delivering services for claims and loss events for over 30 years and is qualified to analyze each case in detail.


We take care of all procedures with insurers and help the parties involved to reach better settlements for all aspects of claims. As part of this service, we analyze all information/documents sent/received from insurers, including policies. Having assessed the latter, GALCORR will indicate whether a denial is valid or otherwise.


We do not charge fees for the first stage, only any operating expenses incurred. For the next stage, a services agreement is signed. A client's final product is having their case resolved in a practical and agile manner.


Quality that is recognized by the market  GALCORR is currently responsible for administering health benefits for over 100,000 lives across 250 different companies.

  • Engineering Risk

  • General Civil Liability

  • Fire

  • Named Risks

  • Operational Risks

  • Miscellaneous Risks

  • Business

  • Group life

Scope of Services


 No looking for funds from the banking system or litigating in court, thus saving time and money. No need to be a current or past GALCORR client to engage our claim advisory services. GALCORR can provide consulting services for contracts signed with any insurer. This service is available for any contract anywhere in Brazil.


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