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Innovative solutions
for your team?

Yes, we have.

Data Processing

BI – available in versions for both HR and medical areas – will show key results and indicators for assessing and managing insurance claims.

Fully integrated health data.

More than 100 integrations with operators, systems, certificate management, health programs, and more.


Analyzing data

Our system crosschecks occupational and care information to enable more assertiveness when directing and monitoring management programs and tools.

It is also important for HR to get visibility for staff on leave by controlling complete and segmented reports for checking against claim data.

Medical Integration

Doctor Examining CT Scan_edited.jpg

Agility with remote technology.


Beneficiaries enjoy fast service safely without needing to travel or be exposed to risk.


All of this leading to lower insurance claims.

95% of emergency room visits may be avoided and resolved through telemedicine platforms.


business meeting

Our medical teams develop algorithms capable of identifying trends and probabilities for chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension and more.

Risk prediction can often identify cases early so they can be treated assertively and more comfortably.

Preventive Analysis

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GALCORR's multidisciplinary team runs diagnostics based on health screening, operator claims, occupational medicine, health programs among others.

Based on diagnosis, health care guidance is decided to ensure the greatest impact on insurance claims to be applied on at all levels of prevention.



Specialized medical opinion, nutritional, sports, pregnancy program, high frequency/complexity users, orthopedic, mental health, chronic illness management, hospitalization and readmission management, among others.

Preventive Health Management

Computer with graphics

The whole operational management process in the palm of your hand.

Our system integrates with payroll and the sector's top insurance companies and operators to ensure fast and dynamic processes free from operational errors.

We also provide a website for employees to access their card number, co-participation statement, health and prevention messaging, and more.

Management Operating System

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