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Over 30 years of GALCORR. Solidity that guarantees the future.

What we expect for this decade?

Excellence in insurance solutions is no longer sufficient in an ever-changing world that is driven by advanced technologies and new ways of thinking.


Over the past 30 years, our specially personalized client services have made us stand out in a highly competitive market, particularly for our risk management and analysis, insurance administration, and benefits management.


Our team of highly qualified professionals focused on delivering sustainable technical solutions has clearly been capable of striking the right balance between intelligent coverage and competitive prices, thanks to the clout we bring to the table when negotiating with leading insurers.


This is precisely the competitive edge we have invested in for our team. The watchword is INNOVATION, which is not necessarily technology - it is more about different ways of thinking and solving past problems, but mainly being able to predict problems that have yet to emerge. Based on this way of thinking, a new GALCORR has emerged for this new decade.


An innovative GALCORR, committed to solving problems and innovating to get ahead of the field with solutions.



GALCORR is a robust 100% Brazilian company with more than 30 years of experience backing our in-depth knowledge of the Brazilian market's particularities.


With offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Recife, we do not report to international headquarters, so we enjoy the independence needed to take quickfire decisions that benefit our clients. In addition, we have operational agreements in Latin America, the USA, Europe and Asia, enabling global operations to better serve our clients.

Diverse client base.

Having started our business working with construction companies, GALCORR has grown significantly in recent years and now has more than 750 clients in the infrastructure, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, retailing, financial, ports and harbors, highway, food industries, among others.

GALCORR's team of extremely experienced consultants provides consultancy and risk management for the following:

Benefits: healthcare, dental care, life, personal accident, and travel insurance.

Financial Lines/Guarantees: bid bonds, performance bonds, pre-payments, retained payments, corrective maintenance, court deposits, backlog tax settlements, property guarantees, subdivision guarantees, public concession operator guarantees, energy sector or financial guarantees, completion bonds, fronting operations, tenant deposits or insurance, and credit or loan insurance.


Property & Casualty: engineering risk, construction liability, D&O, E&O, general civil liability, miscellaneous risks, builder's risk, oil, aeronautical, nautical, transport, business and condominium risks.


Claims: claim advisory (engineering risks, fire, named risks, operational risks, miscellaneous and business risks).

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