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Specialists in:

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We specialize in construction.

Everyone protected from start to finish of the project.

Construction Civil Liability Insurance covers material and bodily or pain and suffering damages resulting from accidents during construction work.

Infrastructure RC Works

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We are part of a select group of companies that operate in this segment due to expertise earned from serving leading oil and gas industry companies. Billions of dollars of assets are insured by our technical team who specialize in the main centers of excellence in Brazil and worldwide.

GALCORR's role involves risk management and coverage for accidents across supply chains for oil prospecting and producing operations

Oil & Gas

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Solutions for the Energy sector are part of GALCORR's DNA. We work on generation, transmission and distribution projects across a wide range of energy matrices, always finding innovative solutions for clients. Concerns with energy purchase and sale contracts, purchasing substitute energy in the SPOT market, importing equipment and other sensitive issues for this sector are part of our analysis.


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