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Security wherever your employee is

Travel insurance aims to provide protection to your team of executives and employees when traveling on business. To provide greater peace of mind, travel insurance offers a range of services and coverage to travelers, thus enabling access to quick and practical solutions, in addition to protection for the company itself, since the employee is traveling for work.

GALCORR travel insurance solutions are flexible, as they offer the possibility of contracting individually or through a bank of days. Our consultants assess the needs of your company to offer the option that can best serve your team and your needs and with the best cost-benefit ratio.

With travel insurance, your team has access to extensive coverage, involving:

  • Health care;

  • Dental care;

  • Reimbursed medicine expenses;

  • Health transfers and repatriations;

  • Legal assistance and advances of funds for deposits/bail;

  • Assistance for lost or delayed baggage;

  • Compensation for lost luggage;

  • Reimbursement for expenses with lost or mislaid luggage;

  • Personal accidents insurance;

  • Assistance in case of theft/loss of passports/travel tickets;

  • Repatriation in the event of death;

  • Transport of a family member in the event of an accident;

  • Hotel expenses for recovery/hospitalization;

  • Refund for flight delay or cancellation.

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