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Solutions for credit insurance.

Credit Insurance is ideal for businesses with lean margins, customer portfolios with a concentration of risk, or companies entering new markets or in the process of internationalization.

(It's one of the best ways to safely expand sales, ensuring credit management and portfolio monitoring.)

Credit insurance covers the risk of default on accounts receivable (domestic or export) arising from part-payments and sales of products and/or services.



Offer tailored to the company’s business, interacting information, coverage, and invoicing;

Better loan and financing conditions (Insured Risks);

Secure expansion of sales (allows you to sell more to the same customers and provides security to develop new markets);

Credit Management (constant monitoring of the customer portfolio).

Basic questions for a credit insurance company:

  • Is your company operating with squeezed margins?

  • In your client portfolio, is there a concentrated risk in a relatively small group of clients?

  • Is your company in the process of expanding sales or breaking into new markets/countries?

  • Are your competitors pressuring your company to lend to customers?

  • Is there a conflict between sales and finance when it’s time to strike the right Credit Appetite x Sales Volume balance?

  • If your company answered "yes" to one or more of the above, talk to one of our consultants. We can show you how Credit Insurance may help your business.

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